About Mark McKinney

Mark has spent his entire adult life in service to others. He has served as a pastor, educator, motivational speaker and author. He has three daughters, one wife (Robbin) and eight grand children.

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About Mark

My story

I have often quipped that if I ever write my autobiography they will put it in the Fiction section.  It has been quite the adventure!  Through years of being a pastor, teacher and consultant I realized that many who have been paralyzed emotionally, mentally and spiritually had one thing in common...fatherlessness.   This became the inspiration for the book, Finding Fathers.

About my work

It is my desire for Finding Fathers to play a small part in restoring fathers to our nation.   I also see Finding Fathers as only the beginning of a movement that inspires young men (and boys) to become the fathers they never had.   My hope is that they see that even if they had no father at home, they could be a great dad.

My books

My newest release is Finding Fathers which can be found on Amazon.

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