April 10, 2023

The Gift of Time

The gift of time a father gives his children is a legacy builder.

The Gift of Time

Years ago, I was asked what was my favorite part of being a dad. My immediate response was coming home from work. I loved opening the front door, at the end a hard day's work and hearing my little girls scream, "Daddy", as they ran to me to bear hug both legs. Sometimes, I would let them tackle me. They would then jump on me over and over while the "Tickle Monster" was getting them. It is one of my favorite memories, no doubt. But I would like to think we created great memories for them as well. Those moments were priceless during those seasons of financial hardship (like the year I was unemployed for six months and made $9,900 for the entire year. My daughters were oblivious to the fact that I could not pay all our bills. They did not know the stress our marriage was under due to our financial challenges. All they knew was Daddy was home and all was well with the world.

The gift of time a father gives his children is a legacy builder. The gift of time will be recalled by your children many years from now as they eulogize you at your funeral. It is not my intent to be morbid, but to remind you how valuable your time is...to your children. The value of your time as a father have nothing to do with your salary. The value is the deposit you are making, not in the bank, but in the hearts of your children. My middle daughter, Rhema, had me walk her down the aisle to the song and sang to her at bedtime when she was a little girl. Priceless.

I know in our world we are all too busy. Yet, we do have a choice. We can use our "busy-ness" as an excuse for not being there for our children, or we can make the most of the time we have. We can put down the phone and the remote. We can have a plan. We can plan to interact with our children doing something they love, whether it is playing catch in the backyard with your son (or daughter), or enjoying a tea party with your little girl.

As a pastor for two decades, I spent hours at the bedside of dying patients, many of them, friends. I never heard one of them say their only regret was that they did not spend more time at the office.

So give your children the gift of time. Don't bother wrapping it. It is already wrapped with the arms of your children!

Mark McKinney

Author, Writer and Speaker

Mark has spent his entire adult life in service to others. He has served as a pastor, educator, motivational speaker and author. He has three daughters, one wife (Robbin) and eight grand children.

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